Thursday, March 3, 2016

Cargo Tracking and Tracing - Know Where Your Cargo Is?

Cargo tracking and tracing are not only essential for efficiently managing the logistics network, but also for offering absolute customer satisfaction. With technological advancements, now companies can track and trace their cargo 24 x 7 with the help of freight tracking services. Detailed information about how professional freight tracking and tracing services can benefit your business are discussed in this blog.

Industries throughout the world are facing difficulties when it comes to tracking and tracing their cargo and maintaining their logistics supply network. The problem can easily translate into a huge problem among the production, distribution and delivery units and can disrupt the harmony of your logistics chain right from the source to the destination location to result in customer dissatisfaction.

Advanced Cargo Tracking and Tracing

Cargo tracking and tracing companies offer an ideal solution to this problem. These companies make use of advanced shipment monitoring technologies to track your shipment right from the source to its destination without any human intervention. This allows the companies to monitor and trace their shipments, manage their inventory and also prevent theft in ways which were not possible in the past.

While Cargo tracking and tracing have been around for a long time in the form of bar codes and RFID (Radio Frequency Identification), satellite and cellular technologies have paved ways for the development of advanced equipment, like GPS that can easily track and trace any shipment almost all over the world.

While these technologies were expensive in the past, their prices have considerably dropped now, and this allows the smallest companies to afford a freight tracking service.

Benefits of Cargo Tracking and Tracing

Better Customer Service: Tracking of the package, consignments or parcels not only provides the businesses with a peace of mind but to the customers as well. Even the customers can track and trace their orders, know their exact arrival date and make timely provisions for receipt of goods. Businesses, on the other hand, can use this information to resolve queries of the customers with accuracy and not speculation.

In-depth Information of the Supply Chain: With a cargo tracking and tracing service, all the details regarding the shipment can be accessed by simply inserting the tracking number. Right from the information of the carrier, its current location, to its ETA can be viewed by anyone.

Counter Non-Deliver: Also, if there is a non-delivery, you can trace the shipment and know the reason for non-delivery to ensure that the shipment reaches to the destination as soon as possible. It will simplify the entire shipping process and will help in reducing the burden from your administrative staffs’ shoulders.

If you still prefer using traditional services for cargo tracking and tracing, you are missing improved handling of your cargo, maximum control, automation and modern tracking functionalities. Yes, using a modern tracking and tracing service for your cargo can be a bit difficult initially and can also suffer from technical hurdles at times, but the advantages overshadow these minor difficulties.

Say goodbye to speculations, delays, non-delivery and all the problems related to shipment with a cargo tracking and tracing service to experience a modern world of difference.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Outsourcing Business Processes is the Key to Reduce Costs, Improve Efficiency

Success of any business depends upon the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of its supply-chain. Outsourcing this process ensures compliance, profits, customer-satisfaction and development.

Today, our transportation systems are more evolved than ever. It is easier to ship anything from cars to a pound of grapes than it was 50 years ago. But transportation comes with its own set of problems and complexities that can hinder a company’s growth. High costs of transportation and falling margins in shipment have hit the profitability of the logistics industry. And venturing into this field to supply your product can be a risky option. At the same time, hiring expensive employees or dealing with security mandates, excessive paperwork or the volatile economic environment across the world can be time-consuming, not to mention quite hassling. So, to get the best out of transportation, to enhance your supply-chain management and to ensure customer satisfaction, you need to opt for logistic BPO services, which can unlock the true value of transportation process, promote cost-optimization and streamline the entire shipment-tracking-delivery process.

The idea of outsourcing logistical business processes is to improve profitability, while increasing production-delivery experience. Whether you are looking for ocean, freight forwarders or land transportation systems, ensure that you opt for a company that can reduce write-offs, handle paperwork and handle costs through its industry expertise and technology tools.

Outsourcing business processes is the key to reduce costs. Why? Because it,

  • Reduces continuous service and financial pressures
  • Minimizes capacity volatility
  • Stabilizes cost volatility
  • Decreases the complexity of operating environment
Ideally, your logistic BPO services’ providers should broke down the process into following parts,
  • Master Data Management
  • Planning
  • Execution
  • Identification of optimization or innovation potential
  • Then, your company can expect
  • Optimization of entire supply chain network- from producers to distributors
  • Determination of optimum locations for supply-chain processes
  • Decreasing complexity and enhancing efficiency of routes
  • Increased inventory
  • Order processing, validation and fulfillment
  • Logistics management, sourcing and planning
  • Processing orders, providing proof of delivery and auditing performances
Overall, these factors can guarantee cost-reduction, standardization of business processes, enriched customer experiences and improved productivity within an organization.

Companies today, basically have to understand that BPO represents a strategic and efficient way of handling tumultuous transportation or supply-chain management problems. You should be opting for these companies and use following rules to get the best results,
  • Ensure logistic BPO services are a CEO’s priority as there are no better options for survival
  • Look at outsourcing as an efficient, reliable process to get work done in a complex transportation industry
  • Keep the arrangements for CPO simple. Analyze the services offered by a company, compare the results in 90-180 days to see whether or not any cost-savings or efficient supply management can be 
  • Have aggressive timelines for sorting out the BPO process
  • Develop a deployment plan that the company can implement
  • Insist on choosing a company with prior expertise, industry knowledge and specific professionals for the job
So, go ahead! Get logistics’ advantages by choosing the right BPO Company for your operations.

Info-X USA provides all-round logistics and outsourcing services for businesses. Visit for more details.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Features to Look for in a Cargo Tracking and Tracing Software

A proper cargo management system with a cargo tracking system is a must for continuous monitoring of the cargo. An efficient system will ensure that there are no thefts of the cargo or loss of revenue. A good tracking system will provide continuous alerts of the movement of the cargo. Further, a tracking system must have some noteworthy features. Read more to find out.

The cargo management system is the entire process of managing and monitoring transportation of goods and services for economic purposes by airways, roadways, and waterways. Promptness, competence, and trustworthiness are important pillars of flourishing cargo management system. The import-export trade of a country or a region will flourish with efficient cargo management system.

However, many times the cargo is threatened by theft or security issues. Hence, having an efficient cargo tracking and tracing system is of great importance. According to findings, installing a cargo tracking system has been extremely beneficial and it has helped to control illegal dumping of the cargo, increased revenue and helped in cutting costs of the cargo carriers.

Moreover, it has also helped in detecting criminal activities and preventing theft. A cargo tracking software must have some noteworthy features. Let us discuss them further in detail.

  • Check at Each and Every Point: The cargo tracking system must monitor the movement of the cargo from the point of pick up to the end point. The customers should be able to check the position of the cargo at any point. The software should help the clients to manage their logistics very effectively.
  • Improving Efficiency: The tracking system that you wish to purchase must help in improving the efficiency of the entire cargo system. This should help further in increasing business profitability. A good tracking system helps in increasing the revenue of the company by preventing theft.
  • Technology: It should use extremely smart software to track the cargo. The software should be designed in such a way that the cargo can be monitored effectively in the international waters as well. The technology should be regularly upgraded, according to the changing innovative trends.
  • Proper Security: There must be a proper security of the data related to the cargo that has been shared with the cargo tracking company. They must ensure that no gets access to the data other than few select members. While purchasing the software, the client must discuss this feature in detail with the tracking services company.
  • Continuous Alerts: As the cargo is moving from one destination to another; the system must give continuous alerts. Also, in the case of any suspicious activity, the system must give an immediate alert. Also, the freight cargo must be properly monitored regularly at intervals.
Apart from the features mentioned above, the software must be properly tested and be long lasting. The cargo tracking and tracing system give a continuous update with of the right cargo direction. Also, the technology and the services that are provided must be trustworthy.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Choosing a Cargo Company That’s Reliable

Want to keep an eye on your package? Need reliable Cargo Transportation Company? Then this is what you need to know.

Since the colonial era, people have used oceans and seas for transferring goods across the globe. While the businesses have now evolved to include air and rail/road transportation as well, ocean shipping is still the most preferred, popular form of transportation. Ocean freight forwarders, as third party logistics provider transfer goods port-to-port, enabling companies to import and export their products without a hassle.

Considering that freight forwarding is an important part of business development, companies need a cargo shipping service that’s reliable- a company that ensures that consignments are delivered on time safely. Their services are available around the year, providing reassure that your goods will be delivered whenever and wherever you want.

But when so many companies offer cargo shipping and ocean cargo tracking services, how do you choose the most reliable one? You could try these simple strategies:

Shipping Methods
Cargo companies specialize in providing different shipping options. Most often, you will find services such as ocean and air freight with special rail or road transportation systems. A company is reliable if it offers holistic shipping services with special ocean cargo tracking to ensure that you can keep a tab on your goods. Such tracking systems are particularly beneficial for unusually large shipments and provide reliable assurance that your product is safe during the transit.

Customized Service
Reliability of a cargo company cannot be assessed solely on a company’s longevity or experience. But it can be ascertained by the level of customized services a company provides. So, if your cargo company can provide you port-to-port or even door to door service, then that’s the company you might want to partner with. Similarly, comes that can meet or exceed your specific request should be given preference.

Of course, cost is a major factor when it comes to reliability of a cargo company. Now, a company that’s charging too low might not a reliable option. After all, service can be comprised for those lower prices. Similarly, a price too high doesn’t necessarily equate to reliability. So, you need to study the market rates and find a company that provides suitable services at genuine rates. The company should ideally have a transparent pricing structure with freight quotes that can help you make the decision. At the same time, the company should be ready and swift to answer any queries that might be related to the pricing policy.

Cargo Tracking
Now it is certainly important that you choose a company that offers cargo tracking and logistics. Any reliable company will certainly have latest technology for timely ocean cargo tracking ocean cargo tracking. They will not have you wait for weeks or days to get an update about your cargo. With the use of advanced technology, such companies will be able to provide instant information about the transit.

So, use these strategies to determine whether or not a cargo company is reliable. InfoX USA provides comprehensive cargo shipment, tracking and delivery services. Visit their website for details.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Why Businesses should Outsource their Logistics Needs

Running business can be difficult. But you can reduce the hassles by choosing logistic outsourcing services. These services will ensure that you can focus on different growth factors.

Implementing a complex operation for transportation of goods to the customers can be quite a hassle for any small or large organization. But handling logistics is pivotal for the growth of any business. Those big sales or deliveries will drive the development of your organization. As a savvy entrepreneur, you should focus on these outsourcing logistics services to someone, rather than working on them on your own. Choosing a third party logistics provider will guarantee you several benefits. Some of them are listed below.

You Use the Right Types of Vehicles
When you decide to establish a reputable business, you need a reliable mode of transportation for your goods and services. The best way to do so is to outsource logistics, which will ensure that you make use of the right kind of vehicles or transportation means to transfer your goods around the world. Reliable Logistics Company will provide you the opportunity to choose between different transportation modes, so you can send perishable or non-perishable goods through rail, road, air and sea depending on your needs.

Professional Support
You can always hire someone to look after logistics operations. But a single person or even a small team of people wouldn’t provide you the advanced professional support you need. That’s the reason you need to opt for logistic outsourcing services, where you will receive professional support, from filing custom documents to handling any unexpected incidents. That way, you can rest assured that the goods are handled by the professionals, who care about your company’s development.

Saves Time
Seriously, when you have so many other growth factors to consider and so many strategies to focus on, why would you want yourself to be burdened with logistics? You should rather outsource it, this will help you save valuable time that can be used for strategizing the company’s marketing and development plans to spend quality time with family and friends. Outsourcing will take a number of tasks off your hand and you wouldn’t have to worry about simple things such as billing, training, paperwork and staffing.

Keeps you Updated
When you choose to get logistic outsourcing services, you get the best professionals in the field. These professionals will keep you updated with the technological advancements. You will learn about the best practices in the industry and have better software for handling reporting, inventory maintenance and other processes.

Saves Money
It’s simple. Outsourcing saves you a lot of money. With outsourcing services available, you don’t have to worry about hiring people to do the same job in your office. Plus, you save more money because outsourcing eliminates the need for extra expenses, investing in warehouse or transportation systems and even the technologies. This will lower transportation and freight costs as well, while reducing the risks that may result in losses.

So, go ahead. Opt for logistic outsourcing services. InfoX USA offers customized logistics solutions. Visit their website for more details.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Advantages of Using Cargo Tracking and Tracing Software

Over the year, enterprise shipping solutions and transportation software have reduced the costs of shipping for companies. Now efficient, integrated cargo software systems help in management.

Trade developments around the world has helped companies become more global. While this is a good step, which indicates growth, it also reflects the increased need for efficient systems that provide security, keep an assessment of the cargo and goods on the way with maintaining integrity of supply chain. What companies need is good cargo tracking and tracing software that streamline entire operations. But most companies fail to focus on tracking and tracing services and keep their supply chain at risk or vulnerability, losing hundreds and thousands of dollars every year on lost or resting cargos.

That’s why, you should invest in an enterprise solution that takes care of the cargo without a hassle. Ideally, this cargo tracking solutions should utilize satellites to monitor fleets of vehicles and cargo containers, which can ensure minimization of loses.

Satellite mapping, with other kinds of features in the software can help in identifying individual containers or vehicles and therefore, tracking can be customized. At the same time, GPRS can be used for relaying information to and fro GPS enabled devices. This kind of cargo tracking and tracing can therefore be used for a number of industries, including the ones that use air, shipping and land transportation systems.

The implementation benefits of these cargo tracking and tracing services are difficult to ignore. For instance, they help in fully integrating the process of shipping, cargo packaging and delivery, streamlining business operations. Plus, they can integrate with existing products, improves accuracy of reporting while reducing unit costs of processing. And that’s not all! The software systems are designed to accelerate their capacity to modify themselves and react to market-operational changes. So, a single product can last you for years.

Cargo tracking and tracing basically increase the operational efficiency of a company. They can prevent loses of cargo and minimize damage to cargo goods. Through constant tracking and tracing, they can help in recovering lost or misplaced containers. By identify wrong containers, they can ensure that the right ones are taken to the right place and reduce the need of re-shipping. Simply put, the software system can reduce equipment inventories and increase utilization of assets.

Monday, September 14, 2015

How to Manage Your Outsource Account Work

Accounting plays a major role when it comes to calculating the finances of a certain company. Even if you have good profits, you may not be aware of the same if the Accounting work is not done the right way. Many of the companies outsource the Accounting work. But, when you do so, there are a few things that need to be kept a tab of.

Outsourcing maybe a very looked forward to solution in the present era. But, there are a few things that need to be taken care of when outsourcing jobs. Now, when it comes to Accounting work outsourcing in India, there are a few points that need to be kept in mind.

Are They Qualified Enough?
One of the ways to make sure that the accounting work of your company is in safe hands, is to make sure that the people working on in are qualified enough to handle your work. This way you can assure yourself that your accounting work is in the right hands. Also, make sure that the firm respects deadlines without compromising on the work quality. An initial test or a run of their work will keep help you trust them better so that you are comfortable in entrusting them with your work.

Is their the Right Way?
Different people work in different manners. Whether, their way of working suits you or not is something that you need to talk about before passing on the work. There are various ways of getting a particular work done. You need to make sure that the kind of work done by your vendor is the right way for your business and needs.

Is Your Data and Information in Safe and Secure Hands?
If you are going for accounting work outsourcing in India, make sure that you double check on the security standards. Jot down a list of security measures you want your vendor to follow when handed with the work. There might be some confidential information that you don’t want your competitors to know about, or anyone for that matter. Customer information is also highly sensitive and needs to be kept safe and secure.  Setting up a set of rules and conditions will help you acknowledge that your data is in safe hands.

Communication is the Key
A good vendor is one who gets all the work done with minimal fuss. If you are giving over your work to a vendor, you would not want to spend half of your time explaining the vendor about a particular work or issue. Your vendor needs to have resources that understand the requirement with regard to your business needs and gets it done in a jiffy. Also, if your vendor is tech savvy then it makes things even simpler.

So, when you are looking out for Accounting work outsourcing in India, then you might want to keep the above mentioned points in mind to have a hassle free experience. So, get crunching on the numbers with these easy important steps.